“It will change the way you shit!”

Before purchasing a smartphone for the very first time, a friend uttered words of wisdom about this type of phone, “It will change the way you shit!” How often do people go number two anymore without taking their phones out? It’s an unspoken, but common, habit. Come on, you do it. Don’t lie. Lately, I have been really thinking about technology and its’ impact on society. I have … Continue reading “It will change the way you shit!”

Every Little Thing’s Gonna be Alright

This has been a huge year of significant change in my life. I am still slowly getting past the humps, bumps, and mountains. While very challenging changes, wonderful things have gotten a chance to take place. When things are going well (maybe too well), I sometimes get this small taste of fear that something bad to come is inevitable. Work’s great, family’s more than wonderful lately, … Continue reading Every Little Thing’s Gonna be Alright

There is Beauty

Several questions I wish to ask those who choose to intentionally hurt others. What’s the point? Does this actually bring pleasure to your existence? What satisfaction is this giving you? My initial reaction to news of terror is nausea, devastation, intense anger, and incredible hatred. But I stop myself: Is hatred what these people want? My initial feelings toward the perpetrators are disgust and animosity. … Continue reading There is Beauty

A Beautiful Thing about New York, NY

There is so much to this city. So many cultures, so much hustle and bustle, so many stories, so many people’s lives just colliding everyday. I think that since I am not originally from here, I get this wonderful opportunity to look at the city and it’s people through a different lens; through the eyes of an outsider. This becomes hard to do often though, … Continue reading A Beautiful Thing about New York, NY

Peculiarities of Metacognition

Sometimes I read something and I am immediately filled with one extreme emotion. Anger. Love. Boredom. Excitement. Grief. Confusion. Empathy. I read the same thing again, and notice different elements that I had not noticed before, thus changing my prior feelings about what I have read. I read it again, and again, and find more, and more. Before I know it, my emotions about what … Continue reading Peculiarities of Metacognition