Life after the scars…Life now and in the future

Lately, I have been more happy than I thought I could be in this lifetime. My career and the people in it have me breathing such immense passion into my lungs. I feel strong sensations of fulfillment through my blood. And even though I am definitely overwhelmed and stressed at times, I am where I want to be. My boyfriend asked me, “If you got paid a billion dollars to do anything you wanted, what would it be?” I told him I would still be where I am, and it’s true. I agree with my answer to his question time and time again. My job is amazing and I truly feel privileged to have it.

…and my boyfriend. Jeeeez. What a true miracle. He creates life, beauty, and jubilant sparks within me. He makes me so radiant that I have been told I have a glow since I met him. 
Deep deep scars from my past are still slowly getting smaller. But, I know where my life is heading and I could not be happier.

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