Every Little Thing’s Gonna be Alright

This has been a huge year of significant change in my life. I am still slowly getting past the humps, bumps, and mountains. While very challenging changes, wonderful things have gotten a chance to take place.

When things are going well (maybe too well), I sometimes get this small taste of fear that something bad to come is inevitable. Work’s great, family’s more than wonderful lately, and I have someone who tells me we are bashert….and you know what? I believe it; everything thus far has led me to see truth in that, even though I never thought I would for myself. My best friends have been the same people for most of my life. Seeing where we are today blows me away.

“Refreshing to remember and feel how much life a best friend brings you.”…. Just found this in my personal journal from exactly a year ago when I was getting to a point of little life and much defeat.  My best friends were helping me push through when I wrote this.

To see where we are today, a year later, it is shocking. In a good way 🙂 Within a year’s time for us – there are new nieces and nephews… there are engagements, marriages, and divorces….there are addictions, obsessions, and eating disorders…there are new jobs, promotions,  and endless job searching…and there is a heck of a lot of love and strength in there. I have not seen them as often this year, but there is consistent communication and we all focus on living a joyful life, leaning on each other when we need help getting there, and trusting each other to understand where we are coming from before judgment. I am very grateful for having them.

Being open and talking about important issues does not come easy for an awkward penguin like me. I am delighted I have a few who try to understand me and who even may be awkward penguins beside me, because even though it is great to have support from many people in my life…sometimes there are only a few people who want to listen, who want to understand, and value what you feel. I mean, at least in my case. I feel very fortunate for all the support and inspiration in my life.

What I’ve learned that I would hope to pass on is to always:

  • Keep a positive outlook – believe things will get better
    • Trust the process
    • Buy into the idea that things do happen for a reason
  • Pour out all your emotions, all your worries, and all your fears – do not hold them in
    • Understand that people who love you will not judge you
  • Find your passion, explore it
    • Find others who share your passions in life
  • Really think about what makes you happy, who makes you happy, and most importantly figure out why does it/do they?
    • Find the lessons in the mistakes and the hardships
    • Be comfortable with yourself and who you are
    • Have fun by yourself every so often
    • Realize you need to make yourself happy before you can truly make anyone else happy

Ya think I’ve mentioned happy enough? Ya think there’s a theme here?


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