There is Beauty

532743_10151529262109798_127848694_nSeveral questions I wish to ask those who choose to intentionally hurt others.

What’s the point? Does this actually bring pleasure to your existence? What satisfaction is this giving you?

My initial reaction to news of terror is nausea, devastation, intense anger, and incredible hatred. But I stop myself: Is hatred what these people want?

My initial feelings toward the perpetrators are disgust and animosity. But I stop myself: Is that what these people want? If so, I feel an overwhelming sadness for them. What led them to where they are, how did they get so lost? How empty their lives must be to make any terror the focus of any part of their life. A person’s passions, a person’s goals, a person’s love – these are what sparks quality and worthiness in a life. The happiness and pure fulfillment from reaching valuable goals, living with passion, having love, sharing love with others, and caring about the genuine good of people – these are how the most worthwhile pieces of life come together.

Anger?…no, I stopped myself. I feel sorry for those spiteful people. I do. I hope they find a way out of the hell they are living, where the only way they know to exist is through hatred. That’s no way to live a life. I won’t feel the hatred towards them that they feel and carry out to others. I will pray they find a better, more peaceful way of living, and feel unbearable regret over their actions.

Acts of hatred do not only bring sorrow and fear, they also make heroes shine with more light and clarity. More reasons are gained to love the humankind. I see love in the eyes of people who have never met the victim(s) and still give their all to help. I look in people’s faces, I see warmth, empathy, compassion, unity. I believe in the good of people, people truly amaze me everyday.

There is so much good in the world, so much. 

Through tragedy, remember the beauty.

Song of the Day: “Beauty in the World” – Macy Gray


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